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As we approach the end of another year, it’s nice to look back on the major events that happened in our lives. To help us do that, today Google released its “2012 Zeitgeist” which reveals the top searched terms for this year. Zeitgeist is defined as the “spirit of the age or spirit of the time”. Worldwide these are the top 10 searches: Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style, Hurricane Sandy, iPad 3, Diablo 3, Kate Middleton, Olympics 2012, Amanda Todd, Michael Clarke Duncan, and BBB12. If we narrow the searches to just those within the United States, then these are the top 10: Whitney Houston, Hurricane Sandy, Election 2012, Hunger Games, Jeremy Lin, Olympics 2012, Amanda Todd, Gangnam Style, Michael Clarke Duncan, and KONY 2012.

For most of us these terms wouldn’t exactly describe our own personal “spirit of the time”. So tell us what are your most important moments or events in 2012. Did you get married? Have a baby? Celebrated a significant birthday?