When you’re hosting your child’s birthday party, you don’t want your little guests to leave thinking that it was a less than positive experience. The key to creating the perfect birthday party is ensuring that the guests are happy and entertained at all times. Once you’ve mailed out the invitations and set a theme for your party, it’s time to turn your thoughts to kids birthday party games. If you are stuck looking for new and fun games to play at your child’s upcoming party, here are a few ideas that may help.

Pin the Tail on the …

It’s amazing how the classic birthday party games have been popular for generations. Pin the Tail on the Donkey has become Pin the Rocket on Buzz Lightyear or Pin the Tiara on the Princess. If you want to create a custom version of this game, print out a large image that keeps with your party theme and create something to pin onto it. Be sure to blindfold and spin the child around, making it harder to pin the tail to the right spot.

Eating Contest

A pie-eating contest is fun at your local carnival, and even more fun when kids are participating. Use plain metal pie plates and whip cream, then get participants to race against each other to see who can eat the ‘pie’ first.

Sack Race

Potato sack races and two legged races are still very popular at outdoor parties. Your local party store should sell sacks suitable for racing. Mix it up a bit by adding an obstacle course and having your participants hop around the things blocking their path.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are a great party game, and can entertain kids for at least 20 minutes. Mix up the chairs or add cushions to the floor, then remove one each time until you can declare a winner.

Spoon and Egg Race

Spoon and egg races are fun for everyone, and aren’t messy at all when you take the time to clean out the egg. Poke a large pinhole in either end of an egg and blow hard to remove the inside yolk and egg white. This works best when the egg is at room temperature. Once the eggshell is emptied, wash it gently in soapy water. Even if the kids drop the egg during the race, there will be no big mess to clean up.

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