There is something very special about bringing your adopted baby home for the first time. Your arms have yearned to hold him or her, and you’ve spent a long time preparing for their arrival. Once you finally have your precious child in your home, you share your joy through adoption birth announcements and baby showers. In many ways, bringing home an adopted child is very similar to going through a pregnancy. The means to having your baby may be different, but the emotions are one in the same. If you are deep in the process or just beginning your adoption journey, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Connect with other adopting parents
2. Explore domestic vs. international adoption
3. Determine what’s important for you and baby
4. Find a reputable adoption agency
5. Know legal fees involved
6. Decide local or international adoption
7. Prepare for home study
8. Understand laws on relinquishment, consent, time to revoke
9. Prepare for arrival of new child
10. Prepare siblings for new baby

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