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Want to print your own your baby announcement, baby shower invites, or birthday invitation? With Baby Cachet’s printable baby announcements and invitations, your work is already half done because there’s no need to find the right card stock, embellishments, or other card-making supplies. Our printable announcements and invitations come complete with everything you need and, in most cases, are fully assembled except for the occasional requirement to apply a double-sided tape. Best of all, you don’t have to design the card. Each printable card has been professionally designed and preprinted with a specific theme to match your special occasion. So all that’s left to do is to print your personalized text onto the card, mail it, and enjoy the compliments.

So what’s involved in printing your personalized text? Here are the eight general steps:

Step 1: Measure card
Step 2: Prepare test sheets
Step 3: Set card size
Step 4: Set card orientation
Step 5: Set card margins
Step 6: Enter personalized text
Step 7: Print test sheets
Step 8: Print your announcements or invitations

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For the visual learner, check out our YouTube tutorial video: