Ah, the winter months are here. While us moms and dads are always working hard, we work extra hard around this time of the year – not because of workload, not because of two big holidays and the decorating and the cooking and the hosting and the shopping but because of the cold season. Here are some tips to teach your little ones on how to avoid the cold and/or to keep your babies comfortable if one or two or three colds do hit your family this season.

1. Wash hands frequently.
2. Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth. Cold/flu virus are spread by hand-by-hand contact.
3. Open windows if possible to circulate fresh air.
4. Don’t share utensils or cups.
5. Blow nose in tissue and throw it away. Wash hands afterware.
6. Clean surfaces (door knobs, stair rails, counters) regularly.
7. Wash toys regularly.
8. Take Vitamin C.
9. Drink orange juice or better yet, eat an orange a day.
10. Use Vaporub @ night to help the little one breathe better.
11. Use a humidifier.
12. Eat chicken soup.
13. Consider taking zine @ first sign of a cold.

Stay warm. Feel better.